How to Make a Treasure Box for your Pin Collection

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Welcome to tips'n'tricks from Pinz'n'Thingz!

In this blog post, I'll show you two ways to make a treasure box for your pin collection.

Here's a video of the tutorial! You can also continue below for a written version.

Here's what you'll need for this project, depending on which style you choose:

A hinged box;
Foam board;
Cork pad;
Velvet lining;
Hot glue;
Painter’s tape;
Paint and brushes;
A pencil;
A piece of chain and tiny screws;
A screwdriver;
A measuring tape or ruler,
Spray glue;
And wood varnish.

I’ll start off with the smaller box, which makes a fabulous gift for pin-obsessed pals.

First you’ll want to tape off the design you want. You could add more sections, or paint the whole thing, or not paint it at all, whatever you prefer.

I should have painted the front part of my box rather than the back, but hey, it’s still cute.

I also painted the inside, and the edges at the top. I left the inside of the cover bare because I’ll be gluing a cork pad in there later.

While that dries, let’s start the other box. I had used this box for another project, and now it’s full of glue residue, so I’ll be covering that.

I found this velvet lining fabric at the Dollarama which I think will look good. If your box looks fine as-is, feel free to skip this step.

However, if you’re using lining, you should start by ironing out any wrinkles. After folding it into the box, trace out where to cut the excess, and mark the corners.

Then you can even out the rough markings using a ruler or other straight edge, and cut the excess away.

Next, trace and cut out the corners.

Then, spray some glue inside the box and fit the lining in.

Measure the space inside the cover, and cut out some foam board to fit.

This step is similar to my video on how to make a fabric-covered pin board for a frame, except that you’ll need to cut two panels of foam board and glue them together in this case. Unlike the frame project, any longer pins would be blocked by the wood backing here.

I used spray glue to stick these panels together, but you can use a glue stick instead. Just don’t use hot glue or craft glue, because those are too solid when they dry and won’t allow you to push your pins through properly.

Next, using the foam pad as a guide, cut out enough fabric to cover the pad and wrap around the edges, and iron it if there are any wrinkles.

Then, using the hot glue gun, simply glue down the edges of the fabric to the back of the foam pad.

Next, glue the fabric-covered pad into the box.

You can skip the following step if you want to lean the box open against a wall or object, but I’m going to use a length of chain to hold the lid up.

Using small screws, attach one end of the chain to either side, around the center.

My chain is already the right length, but if yours isn’t, cut it before attaching the other end to the lid, so that it holds it up at the desired angle.

Now let’s get back to the smaller box. I’ve given it a second coat of paint, and now that it’s dry, I can take off the tape, and add a coat of varnish to seal it.

Once the varnish is dry, measure inside the lid.

Use these measurements to cut the foam board to fit. If you’re using a cork pad for this, you only need one layer of foam. But if you’re using cork roll, it’s usually much thinner, and you’ll need two foam panels.

Next, cut out your cork pad or roll using the same measurements, or the foam panel as a guide.

With your surface protected, use the spray glue to combine the layers.

I’m going to add some ribbon here, which is optional. It’s just useful for displaying pin-back buttons, magnetic pins, or any other pin or brooch with a swivel-type closure.

It’s also super easy, just cut a bit of ribbon and glue the ends to the back.

Once that’s done, just glue the cork panel right into the box, and you’re ready to add pins!

If it’s for a gift, you could even pin a note on the inside, how cute would that be?

And the bigger one is perfect for a larger collection. Pin your favourites into the top part, lean up the ones you want to display but keep in its original packaging, and use the base to store any cards you don’t want to throw away, or any other pins or objects.

There you go! Two ways to make a treasure box for your pin collection.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Thank you for reading through! You can leave questions or comments below.

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