How to Shorten Different Types of Necklaces

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Welcome to Tips'n'Tricks from Pinz'n'Thingz!

In this blog post, I'll show you how to shorten different types of necklaces to better fit you.

Here's a video of the tutorial. You can also continue below for a written version !

I've designed this tutorial such that you won’t need special tools, and can use what you already have at home.

You’ll need tweezers or pliers, and then maybe scissors, a magnifying glass, and wire clippers, and of course, the necklaces you wish to shorten.

We’ll start with chain necklaces, and then move on to cords later in the video.

First, you’ll want to check if the clasp fits into the chain links. This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to overlook if you’re not used to wearing necklaces! After determining your perfect length, you can clip off the excess.

On the other hand, if you can’t fit the clasp directly into the chain links, grab your tweezers and remove the jump ring from the end of the chain. Keep this piece in a safe place for later.

Now, measure how much chain you want to remove. You can clip it off, or, if you don’t have clippers, you can pull the piece off by hand.

If you use this method, check the end to make sure there is no gap in the last link. If yes, remove it using the pliers. If not, retrieve the jump ring and put it back into place, using the tweezers to ensure it’s completely closed.

And there you go!

Now let’s do one with a fabric band.

Use the tweezers to unfold one of the metal endpieces.

Cut the material to the desired length.

Then, put the end cap back, using the tweezers to press it firmly into place.

If desired, any chain or band can be shortened enough to wear as a bracelet or anklet!

And lastly, cord necklaces.

These typically have end caps that are difficult to remove without professional tools.

If you aren’t able to remove them with what you have on hand, there’s a simple solution - just make knots on the ends of the cord. The more knots, the shorter the cord becomes.

And there you go!

I hope you found this tutorial useful! Thank you for taking the time to read it. You can leave any questions or comments below.

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