How to Make a Mini-Pallet Jewelry Display

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Welcome to Pinz'n'Thingz Tips'n'Tricks!

In this blog post, I'll show you how to turn a mini wooden pallet from the dollar store into a fabulous jewelry organizer!

Here's a video tutorial! You can also continue reading below for a written version.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

A mini-palette. I purchased mine at the Dollarama, but I’ve also seen them at Michaels;
Paint in your choice of colour, if you wish to use paint;
A paint brush;
A container for mixing the paint;
Some loose-woven ribbon, such as burlap or lace;
A foam brush;
Cabinet/drawer knobs and 1/2” bolts;
A screwdriver;
A large screw;
Square hooks;
And something for hanging the finished projec

The first step is to mix my paint with water. This will dilute it to create a wash, which will let some of the wood grain show through. I added about the same amount of water as paint, but if you want a more transparent wash, just use more water, or vice-versa.

Or, if your décor already has bare wood elements, you may not want to paint it at all.

Once that’s dry, we can add our square hooks. If you’re unable to screw them in by hand, use pliers to help.

I put several hooks on the left side to put rings. If you don’t have so many rings, you could replace half of them with a single nail or screw to hang sunglasses instead.

I put three more square hooks on the right-hand panel, for hanging necklaces.

Then, I’m going to use the large screw to make holes for the drawer knobs. You can use a drill for this, but I wanted to keep things simple and avoid power tools.

Once that’s done, remove the long bolts that the drawer knobs came with. Our palette is much thinner than a standard cabinet or drawer, so that’s why we need shorter bolts.

Insert those into the back of the board.

Then, using a screwdriver, tighten the knobs securely.

Now, cut a length of ribbon just a bit longer than the palette.

Next, with your work surface protected, dab some Mod Podge on the end of the ribbon. This will prevent it from unravelling.

Once the ribbon is dry, hold it in place on the palette, and flip it over. Use Mod Podge again to glue the edge of the ribbon onto the back, and let that dry.

Now we can add something to hang it with. You can use frame hardware or Command strips, but I’m going to use hooks and twine.

Once I’ve screwed the hooks into the top of the panel, I can tie the twine to them, and trim the excess.

Again, I’m going to dab some trusty Mod Podge on the knots to keep them from untying.

And when that’s dry, we can finally hang this up and get to organizing some jewelry!

I hope you found this tutorial useful! Thank you for taking the time to read it. You can leave any questions or comments below.

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